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May brought us spring weather

June is around the corner and it's time to share the May collage. This link party is hosted by Susanna. You can visit http://pienilintu.blogspot.fi/2015/05/toukokuun-kollaasihaaste-512.html for more month collages!

Yesterday the weather was lovely... sunny, rather warm, and pleasantly windy.

Prunus padus

Tulipa 'Shirley'. Not quite what it was supposed to look like.

Early this morning there was mist over the lake.

Near the letterbox I noticed this year's first red campions.

Silene dioica

Have a lovely June!


  1. very nice post! great nature!))
    Have a great Sunday!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

  2. Niin, eilinen oli lämmin ja kesän tuntuinen päivä!
    Ruoho on leikattu ja polttopuita jo tehty talven varalle.
    Tervetuloa kesä :)

  3. Very pretty photos Sara. I can't believe May is gone already. Here's hoping June is a beautiful month with many sunny days and beauty to be admired and photographed. Blessings.

  4. Beautiful nature! When there is early morning mist in this time of year, you get a nice sunny day. I have too many red campions in my garden, I love to see them starting to flower, they go on and on and now I'm removing them, to make place for other plants. Next year I'm sure they will be there again.
    Wish you happy gardening!

  5. Wonderful photos - love the feel of serenity.

  6. Lovely photos Sara! Hurray for spring! Finally! Here's to June and more lovely weather to get out with our cameras!

  7. Hello Sara,
    You have made a wonderful overview of the month of May!
    Unfortunately I think I be absent this time.
    I've made so many monthly statements and now I'm not succeed.
    Picasa puts everything on the head and Photoscape blocking when I put the last pictures.
    So, I have think about it how this can.
    You have nicer weather than us.
    It's cold, rain, wind.
    I wish you a nice week!

    Love, Gerry

  8. Kauniita keväisiä kuvia!

  9. Your little corner of Finland is looking beautiful, Sara!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  11. Beautiful photos. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving very nice comments. Have a blessed day and a wonderful month of June. Madeline

  12. A beautiful May collage. It's so nice people make these month collections. Gathered and combined.

  13. May was a beautiful month around your home! Love the tiny white flowers and the rock garden green plants... We call them Hen and Chickens.

  14. Beautiful shots of such summery times. A very happy June to you and yours xx

  15. That is a lovely mosaic of May! I hope that your June will be just as good! xx

  16. Such wonderful shots of spring!

  17. Beautiful images!
    Hope to see you each week at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/06/nesting.html

  18. Hello Sara, beautiful images from May! The flowers are lovely. Happy June!

  19. What a beautiful series, I love the flowers!

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  21. Such a lovely place you have out there:)

  22. I can now name my own flowers of the photos I've taken thanks to this post.Fabulous flora

  23. Hi Sara!
    Thanks so much for visiting me....
    Your gardens are incredible, just lovely!
    Hope to see you again!
    Linda :o)

  24. Ihania kuvia kuten aina. Shirley on tosiaan aika pinkki. Mutta kaunis silti.

  25. Hi, Sara!
    I love all your photos and the most this one with mist. I've been in Lahti this week and I will post about weather too. This lady doesn't want to pleasure us, does it?

  26. Hi Sara, your garden is doing beautifully and I'm sure you are really enjoying it due to your short summers. I remember living in the far north in Canada. The summers were very short and the growing season very intense but the gardens were abundant. xx

  27. Ihania kuvia. Sinun toukokuusi on ollut keväinen ja vihreä.

    T. Täysin arkista


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