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Kevätpuutarha - Spring Garden 2015, part 2

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The Zantedeschia above was one of my favourites at the garden show in Helsinki. - There were many kinds of bulbs for sale.  

Lavender plants were available at many booths (I bought some, just in case my sowing wouldn't be successful!), as well as other flowers in my favourite colours:


Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai' is good choice for small gardens, but only in the warmest climate zone here in Finland:


There were displays of pavers...


... and seeds for sale:


Nelson Garden


Flowering plants in lovely colours...


... and ready-made arrangements:

There will be a third set of garden show photos, after some days, but in my next post I will answer Tiina's Liebster Award questions.  (The first photos can be seen here.)

Puutarhamessukuvia on tulossa vielä lisää, mutta seuraavassa postauksessa vastaan vihdoinkin Tiinan Liebster Award -kysymyksiin! :)



  1. When I see all those lovely plants and seeds on that Spring fair I'm getting greedy.
    I suppose you bought plants and seeds too.

  2. Thank you for your pictures, interesting to see, what you can buy. The cherry Kojo-no-mai I have in the garden, I must cut it always, it is bigger than they said.


  3. Your lovely blog with it's gorgeous photos makes me want to run right out this second and plant some flowers! It's too cold for that now here on Long Island, but soon it will be garden time! :) Paulette

  4. It is Wednesday. Your's is about over, mine just getting started. I had hoped to work outside today, but the weather is turning bad. Snow soon. Love your colorful flower photos. Wouldn't we love to bring them all home? Happy Easter.

  5. Oh these plants, flowers and seeds make me so anxious for gardening season to begin. You must have felt like a child in a candy shop!! Lol

  6. Now I see all that I missed by not attending our garden show in Toronto. Oh well, I've lingered over your photos and the weather is warming up so it finally feels like spring. The iris reticulata that are in full sun have popped up a tiny bit.
    I attended the annual Scandinavian Easter festival at their church. Usually I go for the Friday dinner but this time I took my hubby for the brunch on Saturday. They serve a delicious beet salad that's made with sour cream that I am going to have to duplicate, a favourite vegetable served many ways.

  7. A lovely array of flowers and plants. Hydrangeas are one of my favourites.

  8. Wow, so much to choose from!!! What a wonderful show to have visited! xx

  9. Beautiful flowers. What a lovely selection. I do love hydrangeas.

  10. So much colour! I hope you have fun in your garden after seeing all these beautiful plants.


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