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Something to think about

Good morning! Today I would like to share with you something I read recently - and found very interesting - on one of the lovely blogs I follow:

Donna's post on letting go can be read at http://www.livingfromhappiness.com/poetry-sunday-letting-go/.

She writes: "The Hyssop pictured here refers to cleanliness in the Language of Flowers.  It felt appropriate to use these flowers given the cleansing that letting go can bring."

Thank you, Donna!


  1. Donna always shares some lovely quotes and writes her poetry with feeling. I'm glad you two have linked up, as she is a lovely person.

  2. Sara how very lovely you have shared this...I am so honored and humbled...thank you!

  3. Hello Judith and Donna

    Indeed we find inspiring poems and quotes on Donna's blog! This proverb I found especially appropriate. I will try to remember it every day!


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