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Kuvahaaste: 10 kaunista - Summer 2014 revisited

Tässä tulee toinen osa Lauran kesäkuvahaasteeseen! Oli lopulta aika vaikeaa valita kuvia - ne näyttivät hyviltä aikoinaan, mutta nyt pitäisi valita kaikkein parhaita. Hmmm. Yritin myös valita kuvia, joita en olisi vielä julkaissut, mutta ei se täysin onnistunut.

This is the second set of photos I've chosen for Laura's photo challenge. It's about the good and beautiful things we have received and experienced during the past growing season. Now it's dark and colourless outside, and it is really nice to have a look back at the more cheerful days! (This time the short descriptions are in English. Initially, my ambitious plan was to write the texts for this blog at least in two languages, but unfortunately I have noticed it would take too much time.)

So, the ten beautiful things or events, in my garden or in my life, that made me feel gratitude... Here we go!

1 I love pink and find the colouring of these Million Bells very pretty:

During the summer, I already published many photos of Cosmos. I totally fell in love with them. The petals, with a lovely texture, are not easily damaged by the rain.

2 Our "bed" of lupins is gradually becoming less vibrant, even though we try to remove the plants with pale colours. But... tomorrow is another day! Next spring we will see new plants and new colours. Plus I'm preparing more beds.

3 Evening. It's that "golden time of day when the sun's rays are almost horizontal and kiss everything they touch". (The previous sentence is not mine. I need to thank Zoe Mullery, in Brothers in Pen: Six Cubic Feet by San Quentin Nine, whose beautiful sentence I have slightly modified.)

4 This picture is sheer art. Early morning dew, mostly out of focus, yet so beautiful:

5 There are actually more than ten photos in this set, also because I decided to include two of harebells (for Finns they are "cat's bells").  Below, the background is our newly painted house :)

There were so many bells last summer!

6 Dew drops on marguerite petals. The pink petals seem to reflect the blue sky of a beautiful summer morning:

7 Autumn leaf colour wasn't very spectacular this year, perhaps because even the long-established woody plants suffered from drought during the summer. This shrub (unfortunately I don't know its name), however, wears its very best:

8 Now I'm repeating myself. I already had a photo of tomatoes in the previous group of pictures. These cherry tomatoes, however, look so round and cute and delicious...

9 This photo was taken in late October. Autumn had come, and yet there were sunny days and plants with happy-looking green leaves:

10 Speaking of My Woodland Garden, the stress is on the word "woodland". For example, the area seen in the last photo is almost "natural" and not very orderly (yet), but it's embellished by the morning mist and the colours of the approaching autumn:

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm joining Judith for Mosaic Monday. For more mosaics, visit her lovely blog!


  1. These are ALL beautiful but I'll comment on the cosmos. They were the first flower that my mom and grandmother had me plant, most likely because there is always such good success with them. So I almost always have a few of them every summer ! :)

  2. Your woodland garden is lovely. Like Deb, I adore cosmos ... they just seem to dance on their stems. The tomatoes do look yummy!

  3. A lovely tribute to all the beauty of your garden...I especially love the woodland....

  4. I love your tree photo very magical.


  5. Beautiful photos. Your garden must be lovely, I always think of woodland gardens as being magical, with fairies and such dancing around in the moonlight...

  6. My garden echoes yours as I love pinks and purples too. I am enamoured with the drift of pink lupines, so pretty. The tomatoes are perfect in shape and colour and the woodland garden looks like a wonderful place to wander and inhale the scents of nature.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Sara.

  7. Viimeinen kuva mielestäni on kaikkein paras. Metsikön reuna, usva leijailee puiden ja pensaiden keskellä, olisiko aamu. Pieni auringon sädekin pilkahtaa. Minun maisemaani - tällaisen keskellä asun - tulee mieleen lapsuuden leikkipaikat ja paimenessa olot. Serkun kanssa sohittiin risulla muurahaispesää, että saatiin ne suihkuttelemaan väkevää happoaan meidän pisamaisille naamoillemme . Se oli kuulemma parasta ainetta pisamien poistoon.

  8. What pretty delicate colors and a beautiful mosaic! Happy Monday! Hugs, Diane

  9. Your photos are all so lovely...it would be hard for me to pick a favorite. Together they make a beautiful mosaic too!

  10. Hello dear Sara
    Your photos are wonderful reminders of summer in your garden.
    I particularly love the 'cat's bells' - the colour is heavenly!
    Wishing you a happy week.

  11. Such beautiful and delicate flowers, Sara! I see soem of them here as wildflowers in the spring and summer on our prairie and foothills community.

  12. oioi, kylläpä oli kaunista kerrakseen! Ihania kuvia, tekee hyvää katsella kesäkuvia tähän aikaan vuodesta.

    1. No niin tekee! Kiitos mukavasta haasteesta, se oli tarpeen näiden harmaiden päivien keskellä.


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