Welcome to Villa Emilia (My Woodland Garden), a photography blog with a slant towards gardening and nature. An amateur gardener and photographer, I hope to share beautiful moments with you through pictures. Let me know if you like them!

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Happy May!

With these cheerful photos, I wish you a beautiful new month... and a happy First of May. It might be snowing, but on that day we in Finland celebrate spring. :)

Huhtikuun kuukausikollaasini on postauksen lopussa. Iloista vappua!

These photos were taken in Italy.

Huhtikuun kollaasissa näkyy jo hieman kevään merkkejä. Kuukauden suosituimman postauksen
sankari oli veikeä orava, joka käy keikuttamassa lintulaudalta siemenet ja pähkinät maahan. Joistakin kuvista tuli aika hauskoja, kun oravaa tuntui kamera (?) kiinnostavan suuresti.

Pieni Lintu -blogista löytyy lisää kuukausikollaaseja.

Ihanaa toukokuuta!



As predicted, it's snowing when I'm writing this. To participate in the Spring Garden Party, hosted by Laura, Jemma, Stacey, Laura, Carol and Jann, I have chosen some old photos... and edited them a little for an extra dreamy effect. :)

Thank you to all the hosts!

Maa on jäässä ja krookuksetkin ovat vasta parin sentin korkuisia piippoja, joten osallistun MakroTex-haasteeseen vanhoilla kuvilla. Olen muuttanut joidenkin kuvien värejä kohti vaaleanpunaista. Onhan se niin SIEVÄ väri. :)



Am I not cute?

This little squirrel was rocking, once more, the bird feeder. (Changes planned for the next winter.) I went to tell her, once more, that it's not OK. Instead of escaping immediately, she looked almost as curious about me (or about the camera) as I was about her.

And, of course,

Mosaic Monday,

from now on a monthly gathering

on the last Monday of each month.

Thank you to all the hosts!


Pink and white...

... in our garden in Italy. I participate with this post in Seasons and Mosaic Monday. Thank you to our hosts, Jesh and Judith!

Participating, for the first time, also in Dishing It & Digging It hosted by Linda at her blog Life and Linda. Thank you - it's lovely to join the party!

Viva la primavera! :)



Five glimpses and a rose

Participating in Five on Friday
with this brief look at my week...

Ribes glandulosum

... and wishing you a happy weekend!


Green and white...

... in Italy. Some shots, taken on the way to work, of fields and trees greening up in the Bassa Padana (Lower Po Valley). Such a blissful time!

Wishing you a lucky new week! :)

♥ Thank you all for your lovely comments!
Lately I have less time for fun than in the last months,
but I'll try to visit you as soon as I can. ♥


Me and you, And you and me...

I photographed this couple of whooper swans (Cygnus cygnus) about a year ago near our home. This year I haven't seen them yet even though I have heard their fascinating calls already several times. They have been flying around, but didn't land, since there's no open water yet.

The whooper swan is the Eurasian counterpart of the North American trumpeter swan. They pair for life.

Sharing with Five on Friday, Saturday's Critters, and I'd Rather B Birdin'. Thank you to all the hosts!

Happy weekend!