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Bumblebee dreams

Near our home, there's a spot that has been gradually covered by false spirea (Sorbaria sorbifolia). The area is not very orderly, but these plants have a beautiful autumn colour and when they are blooming, they provide food for many insects.

This year, there are many bumblebees, my favourites!

During the day, you can hear their happy buzz, but what I find funny is that early in the evening the bumblebees (and some other insects) just stay on the flowers, without moving. Are they all resting? Sleeping?

If they are asleep, are they dreaming? :) What would they dream of on a beautiful July evening? Of the scented lilacs of June...

... or perhaps the lovely false acacias that their cousins can visit in Italy? 

With these pretty white flowers,
I wish you many sunny summer days... 
or happy winter days, 
depending on where you are.


  1. Dear Sara,
    what very pretty white flowers! Magnificent post.
    Have a nice weekend. Many greetings and hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  2. What a beautiful photos of beautiful white flowers!
    The pictures with all those bumble bees is very special.
    The wild spirea flowers at us a lot, especially in parks and such.
    I wish you a nice weekend, Sara!

    Love, Gerry

  3. Lumoavaa valkoisuutta !
    Onnistut aina vangitsemaan valkoisesta sen viehättävät puolet :)

  4. Beautiful bumbles, yes I think they are resting as the day cools. You are doing well to have a pinted lady up there! Not seen one here yet.

  5. Oh Sara what a hive of activity on your frothy looking spirea, the insects love it and I can see why!
    Our lilacs were over weeks ago. I love their heady scent but I love the scent more from your mock orange, one of my all time favourite shrubs.
    Wonderful photography! The butterfly is so delicate.
    Have an amazing weekend :)

  6. Love the title of this post Sara, makes me think of a lazy summer day with the buzz of the bees. Bees and other insects need the warmth of the sun to warm up their little bodies before they can become mobile. Many times while walking Topaz I find dragonflies and bees just sitting on the sidewalk and I'll pick them up and move them to a safe place until they can fly off.
    We've had rain, and now sun and cooler temps to get back in the garden again. Time to harvest the garlic and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.
    Happy gardening and a wonderful weekend!

  7. Beautiful photos of some very pretty flowers, bees and butterfly. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Pihlaja-angervot tosiaankin houkuttelevat pörriäisiä ja perhosia. Onkohan niillä unten mailla olevilla ähky, nautittu liikaa mettä :))

  9. That post gave me a happy feeling. Such thought, such pretty flowers, such nice bees and butterflies. You put a smile on my face.

  10. Gorgeous pictures! I love that iridescant butterfly! And of course the awesome bees! Have a beautiful weekend! <3

  11. Kaunista!! Onpa hyviä perhos- ja ötökkäkukkia!

  12. Wonderful summer aspects in the lovely garden! I haven't seen bees till now in my area, so I enjoyed see them from so up close in these amazing photos in macro! Have a very happy and sunny weekend!

  13. Jälleen upeita kuvia Sara! Minäkin olen kiinnittänyt huomiota siihen, että pihlaja-angervot houkuttelevat runsaasti kimalaisia ja perhosia. Hauskaa seurattavaa. - Mukavaa viikonloppua!

  14. I think hte bees are drunk with the pollen and the beauty of it all!

  15. Selitys aikaisempaan kommenttiini; olen useamman kerran lumoutunut valkoisista kuvistasi,
    vaikka en yleensä ole valkoisen ystävä. Pidän värikkäämmistä väreistä :) Nuo kaksi viimeistä
    kuvaa ovat erityisen ihanaa valkoista.

  16. Pihlaja-angervo on todellinen mettä keräävien hyöteisten suosikki. Samaa surinaa saa meillä kuunnella ihan kuistin vieressä. Tavallisesti se on kerännyt myös runsaasti perhosia, mutta tänä kesänä ei niitä vielä ole näkynyt. Odotellaan jälleen aurinkoa!

  17. Your white flower photos are so beautiful, Sara. I love the sound of bumblebees busy about the flowers. Yes, I think they slow down when it gets cooler in the evenings and don't move as quickly. The butterfly is gorgeous.

  18. Exquisite captures bringing so much joy to a sad world.

  19. Oi, tuo ensimmäisen kuvan jasmiini on niin kaunis! Vielä kun saisi liittettyä sen tuoksun kuviin mukaan, niin olisin ihan pökerryksissäni täällä! :)

  20. Hienot kuvat kukista ja pörriäisistä. Oikein aurinkoista viikkoa sinulle!

  21. Upeita valkoisia kukka kuvia!

    Hienoja on ötökkä kuvatkin.

  22. I love bumblebees as well Sara. All they are workers, flying eating and collecting nectar. They aren't aggressive as wasps. Love your photos, especially of white lilac.

  23. Lovely. I like the quote too - "IF YOU HAVE A GARDEN AND A LIBRARY, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED." but I would have to add a cat or two!

  24. Beautiful images of the flowers and bees.

  25. Gorgeous images - wonderful, indeed!
    Thank you for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/07/world-war-ii-memorial-washington-dc.html

  26. Such beautiful blooms. I'm sure the bumblebees feel they are in heaven!

  27. Lovely images, some people don't like white flowers ... I don't know why. They just add so much to the garden.

    All the best Jan

  28. Hello, gorgeous flowers. I love the beautiful butterfly. Lovely images. Sorry, I am late visiting and commenting. I am still catching up after being away. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and week ahead!


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