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15 things to enjoy in autumn



  1. Kauniit syksyiset kuvat!😊❤️
    Ihanaa syyskuuta sinulle!💕

  2. Voi Itku! Aivan tajuttoman "siistejä" värejä kuvissa. Kyllä syksy on värien suhteen hienoa aikaa!

  3. Teit syksystä ihanan vuodenajan, kiitos:)

  4. Yes yes yes to all these wonderful things!! Autumn is my absolute favorite. Great pictures as usual Sara! PS - what a great lipstick color :-)

  5. I would love to do all these. The photos are inspirational. I can't believe that your summer that took soooo long to arrive, is now, all but over.

  6. Oi Sara tenho uma lanterna bem igual a essa que fica
    aqui na porta de entrada da casa k.
    As imagens estão lindas...
    Amei o par de galochas.
    Bom começo de setembro.

  7. Here autumn is the season of 1000 greens

  8. Näillä kuvilla voi vastaanottaa syksyn hyvällä ja innoittuneella mielellä, siispä tervetuloa syksy!

  9. Three more weeks and autumn will be here. Your photos are wonderful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. How exciting to share some wonderful fall things to look forward to. I love plaid and have a couple of long sleeved blouses, no wellies like those but would definitely like a pair and a nice shade of lipstick. Finally, fireplace and a glass of red wine - oh yes!- save a seat for me Sara. :-)

  11. What a brilliant post, stunning images all of them. Not sure it I enjoy raking the leaves though, I prefer to vacuum them up with the lawnmower!! Loving your wellies they look so comfy.
    Have a wonderful weekend Sara :)x

  12. Autumn is gorgeous seen like this; captured through key aspects for the delight of soul! Autumn is about colors, changing foliage; for sure, it is about textures and layers. I agree, a pair of fancy boots is a must; these ones must be so cosy and so chic in rainy days...Many thanks for sharing with us these lovely pictures. Best regards and a very pleasant and sunny September to you!

  13. Oh Sara, beautiful reminders of such a wonderful season. Although I'm not happy to see the end of summer.. it flew past far too quickly... I do love fall. What comes after it, not so much.

  14. Ooh, with you it's really all fall!
    Delightful images of the nature and the fact that you again can wear other clothing. And again lit candles.
    With us next week is still quite warm weather! 25-30 degrees! For me too! I wish also to autumn!
    Wish you a nice weekend!

    Love, Gerry

  15. {{sigh}} what a beautiful post, sweet Sara. How I love this wonderful time of year.

    Hugs to you!

  16. Ihana postaus kuvineen kaikkineen! Tilaan samanlaisen jokaisesta vuodenajasta! :) Jäin ihastelemaan pitkäksi aikaa tuota huulipunakuvaa, tosi hieno kuva! Itse en osaa huulipunaa käyttää lainkaan (jotain melko nudea korkeintaan), mutta ihastelen aina naisia, joille sopii tummat punat. Se on jotenkin niin ihanan ranskalaista! :)

    Syystunnelmaa viikonloppuusi! <3

  17. Tunnelmallisia syyskuvia! En kuitenkaan vielä haluaisi luopua kesästä, vaikka viilentyvät illat ja kasteiset aamut ovatkin merkkejä lähestyvästä syksystä.

  18. Beautiful photos of autumn treasures. I found myself nodding for each one. We've cooled right down and have had quite a bit of rain in the past couple of days. I'm sure it will warm up again, but summer is gone and the nights are drawing in. Lovely, lovely post.

  19. Syksy on ihan parasta, se on aina ollut suosikkini vuodenajoista !
    Hyvin olet saanut kuvasarjaasi mahdutettua minulle mieluisia asioita,
    kynttilälyhty, syklaami, metsä ja niin edelleen :)

  20. What great photos - and I'm looking forward to every single thing!

  21. Great photo's all of them.

    I love the look of the walk and sitting by the fireplace with a nice glass of red wine, what a lovely way to end an Autumn day.

    All the best Jan

  22. Nice picture of the birches

  23. Beautiful photos and I love the typeface you have used for the writing, it really makes you look at the words, very clever :)
    Have a lovely day!
    Wren x

    1. Thank you, Wren! The font is slightly difficult to read, but so darn elegant! :)
      Big hugs! xx

  24. Super photos, love autumn with all the warm colours and changes, your colourful leaves capture autumn so well, not forgeting the knitwear and great shade of lipstick :)

  25. Quite a variety of ways to enjoy autumn; I think I like the flannel shirts and the golden leaves. The boots are pretty cool, too. I am wondering now how I would represent autumn aside from the garden.

  26. Todella upeat kuvat. Nautitaan ihanan aurinkoisesta ja lämpimästä syksystä.

  27. oh Sara, I love all of those things! I like Autumn.


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