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Photo: Disney

One of my all time favourite films was shown on TV today. "Ice Princess" is a 2005 American figure-skating film directed by Tim Fywell and starring Michelle Trachtenberg, Joan Cusack, Kim Cattrall and Hayden Panettiere.

I'm not dreaming of becoming an ice princess, but like every country girl born and raised in a cold country, I love ice skating, especially on a lake. :)

With these collages, I participate in Mosaic Monday, one of my favourite link parties.

What I'm dreaming of is the crystal clear ice that makes it possible to skate everywhere on the lakes. I have experienced it only few times in my life. The ice is strong enough to carry a person and clear enough that you can see the water beneath, some aquatic plants and perhaps even fishes swimming around. 

Planning this post today, I learned a new term, 'congelation ice'. Over to you, Wikipedia:

"On the surface of lakes, or other bodies of still freshwater, congelation ice is often called black ice. This ice has frozen without many air bubbles trapped inside, making it transparent. Its transparency reveals the colour, usually black, of the water beneath it, hence the name. This is in contrast to snow ice, sometimes called slush ice, which is formed when slush (water saturated snow) refreezes. Snow ice is white due to the presence of air bubbles.

Black ice grows downward from the bottom of the existing ice surface. The growth rate of the ice is proportional to the rate that heat is transferred from the water below the ice surface to the air above the ice surface. The total ice thickness can be approximated from Stefan's equation.

Black ice is very hard, strong and smooth, which makes it ideal for ice skating, skate sailing, ice yachting and some other ice sports. Thin, clear ice also has acoustic properties which are useful to tour skaters. Skating on clear ice radiates a tone whose frequency depends on the thickness of the ice."

This photo was taken in March, the ice wasn't good for skating but it was just lovely for walking:

In these days, it looks like this outside...

... but it also looks like this:

Have a lovely week ahead!

Fallen leaves of Rosa pimpinellifolia/Rosa spinosissima 'Plena'


  1. Ihanat syyskuvat! Todella kauniit värit lehdissä. Rauhallista viikonloppua sinulle!

  2. It is a wonderful post Sara ♥

    Besides, this post reminded me "Blizzard" A Christmas movie about a true friendship between a reindeer (from North Pole) and a little girl who loves ice skating as much as you!

    Reading your posts is like reading a fairy tale sometimes :)) ♥ Thank you ♥

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Minäkin tykkään luistelusta, mutten järven jäällä. Se on jotenkin pelottavaa...

  4. Loved this post as I´m fond of ice skating too. Every winter I´m looking forward to heavy frost, especially in January and February, but we rarely have the black transparent hard ice. The last few years we had not any ice at all to skate outside only on the rinks in towns, such a pity. I like speedskating on the lakes near our house but was for many years member of an ice dancing club, unfortunately too old now to make progress, so I´m also dreaming.........
    In the meantime it´s still autumn, let´s enjoy the beautiful colours of the trees outside, I enjoyed your photos!

  5. Kimaltelevalla jäällä on mukava viettää talvipäivää vaikka kävellen.
    Luonto osaa värittää lehdetkin aivan upeilla eri väreillä :)

  6. Growing up I skated on a pond that was maintained by the town but it never had clear ice to see what was below. That's a new word for me too Sara and it would be a memorable experience to skate and see the fish under you.
    We live near an inland fresh water lake but it's not conducive for skating and the few times I've walked on it there is always a cracking sound from the ice. Hubby says its from water beneath flowing in an out under the ice.
    Thanking you in advance for linking to MM.

  7. Learned something new today from your post. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Suomen vuodenajat; kauneutta ja ulkoilun iloa ! Luistimeni olen lahjoittanut
    Pelastusarmeijan joulupataan, mutta luistelusta voi nauttia aika lailla
    kun katselee hyviä luistelijoita elokuvana tai TV:stä :)

    I donated my skates to the annual Salvation Army Christmas drive a few years ago,
    but I love the IDEA of skating, the memory. Wouldn't risk skating on a lake, though,
    a cautious coward that I am :D

    Wonderful photos, as always. Take care. - Rita -

  9. Vai sellainen jääprinsessa siellä, aika ihana! Siellä vaan järven jäällä tyylikkäänä pian liitelet. Viime talvena luistelin pitkästä aikaa ja lähinnä kompuroin maalilta toiselle nilkat muussina vaikka piti lapsia opettaa luistelemaan! Ihanat syyskuvat, kyllä luonto on kaunis...

  10. Sara, you are fond of skating, so am I. Now I can't skate because of my feet but last winter I was invited to the Golf of Finland to watch fishing on ice. There I've seen very clean ice and fishes swimming in depth. It was interesting! Your photos of colorful leaves are so pretty!

  11. I love to watch ice skaters glide over the ice....I used to skate as a child but was never very coordinated so I was falling more than skating...but we had fun!

  12. I grew up in the city with a large outdoor ice hockey rink right in our backyard! The back half of our block to be exact. We would don our skates in the back stairs and walk across the yard to the rink and skate until we were nearly frozen, if the big boys weren't playing hockey. We spent hours ice skating all our growing up years and I have such great memories of it. I have also skated on lake, pond and river ice but the cracking always made me nervous. I have heard of and seen photos of the ice of which you speak - so clear you can see fish and plants below. How amazing! Sadly I don't skate anymore.What a beautiful photo of the fallen leaves you've shared. Have a wonderful week Sara.

  13. i LOVE those last 2 images- gorgeous! as you can guess, ice skating is not a big sport in South Africa but a local shopping centre had a little ice rink for a few weeks this year and both my girls (and i) LOVED it! it would be so lovely to skate outdoors like you described!

  14. Hello Sara, it has been a long time since I've been ice skating. I have never seen this Black Ice here, our lkae usually has a layer of snow on top. Pretty Autumn leaves and a wonderful post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  15. Ciao Sara, I too love ice skating. My father used to take me to ice skating rinks when I was a little girl and I loved it. I haven't skated in many many years and I think I wouldn't even remeber how to skate anymore! But I think it's a beautiful, elegant and graceful sport and love watching it on tv. I've never seen ice princess before. I think I will have to watch it! Ciao bella, Silvana

  16. Sara, Love the multicolored leaves. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia

  17. I grew up skating but never really enjoyed it as I was always too afraid of falling. We skated on outdoor lakes that my father cleared of the snow. How interesting to learn the difference between black ice and white ice.
    All the fall textures are beautiful! Have a wonderful week.

  18. Beautiful photos, especially the winter landscape and autumn leaves.
    Thanks for sharing....

    Happy Monday!

  19. Moikka! Ihana postaus! Olisikin ihanaa luistella turvallisella peilikirkkaalla jäällä. Jyväskylässäkin saa vuokrattua retkiluistimia ja niillä voi viilettää auratulla Jyväsjärven jäällä.

    Kauniita syyskuvia! Harmi että valoa on vain vähän aikaa. Nyt on taas pimeä.

  20. Ohhhh... these are beautiful photos. I never did learn how to skate properly as my foot always ached when in skates. But I love to watch other people glide and dance and do seeming-effortless wonders on ice.

    Thanks for a lovely visit.

  21. Thanks for the interesting info on "black ice". I haven't gone ice skating in over 20 years and have never actually skated on an outdoor pond.

  22. This post took me back to my childhood when we skated on the farm pond. Such wonderful memories. I especially enjoyed the discussion the types of ice. All we knew about ice was that it had to be thick enough for us to skate safely and that it was wind swept to be smooth enough, too. Gorgeous colored leqves, wonderful post.

  23. I would be too scared to ice skate on a lake... In fact I'm too scared to it even in an indoor rink. Haha!

    The picture you shared from last March is magical, and I can see why you are dreaming of ice skating with such images to look back on! I also really like the last images you've shared with the fallen leaves, I'm currently do a photo series of fallen leaves, and happily admire the rich tones in your pictures.

    Sharing snapshots at Captured By Jade

  24. All of this was enjoyable and yet those colours at the bottom, what a gorgeous plant, have never seen one before~

  25. What beautiful photos, especially like the last two! I too have only skates on black ice a couple times in my life. It was wonderful. Usually we get wind and snow, which makes the lakes bumpy and not good for skating.


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