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Signs of spring

Very shy signs of spring in Eastern Finland...

... and, once more, a very cute little squirrel:


  1. Your spring is still shy but definitely there. I love that cute squirrel picture.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Spring time shots! Love that squirrel ~ what captures of him/her!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. The squirrels there are different from ours and have bigger ears. Cute! We have red squirrels and grey squirrels but not the combo. It is nice to see the shoots popping up in the garden. Have a good week.

  4. Yay, look, so many great things happening!!!! I knew it would! Nature might run a little late sometimes, but it never lets us down!!! xx

  5. Beautiful flowers and a a healthy happy squirrel, Sara! I look forward to seeing more wildflowers blooming here in af ew weeks as the warmer weather arrives!

  6. Great shots and I love that squirrel!

  7. How lucky you are! Our tulips are nearly finished and yours are still to come. Such delight to anticipate.

  8. What gorgeous photos - I love the cute squirrel - in the UK we have grey ones or red ones but I've never seen a multi-coloured one like that before - very beautiful and unusual!

  9. I've never seen a squirrel like that - he looks pieced together from a couple of different animals. Ours are all gray.
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/04/french-corner-bakery.html - you've posted great shots as always!

  10. Hello Sarah,
    It comes ..... it is beautiful ..... these plants stabbing their heads above ground.
    And the squirrel is beautiful.! What a beautiful animal.
    Previous I was in the botanical garden and suddenly there came a squirrel ran out, we were both at the same time stick quiet and we stood staring at each several minutes, until he ran off.
    Have a nice day!

    Love, Gerry

  11. Oh Sara this is wonderful to finally see!

  12. Your spring is finally starting to show its beauty. I love the squirrel he or she was so cute. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. What lovely photos, and that little squirrel is adorable! He's much different looking than the squirrels over here. Ours are usually a gray mixture or all black. How interesting! xo

  14. Lovely shots. I'm sure Spring will put in an appearance in its own good time.

  15. So lovely to see the new green coming up! Your squirrel is so sweet! Wishing you a happy week! xo Karen

  16. beautiful! so nice to see some colour for you isn't it?

    1. Thanks, Amy! It really is!
      I'd love to visit your blog/website, but I don't seem to be able to reach it. And you are a no-reply blogger...
      Have a lovely May!

  17. Finally, spring has reached you! I may have tulips blooming by next week, a few daffodils have appeared and the tree buds are swelling. Everything will probably pop at once. :-)
    Your squirrels are much cuter than ours, if a red squirrel ventures into the yard it chatters consistently, especially at the dog.

  18. They are certainly enough of a sign to get excited about! I would be smiling from ear to ear!

  19. Love these, and that is a squirrel I have never seen before. I am growing lupine from seed, I have about 50 plants on my window sill, I hope it warms up here soon!


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