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Five on Friday

Hello! It's Friday and time to participate in Amy's Five on Friday!

This time I have five happy/fun things from the past week to share:

1. Flowers in the home. First I intended to post a photo of a potted lily blooming, but its flowers are orange, and I like pink so much more...

2. This is a lettu. It's a small, thin pancake cooked in a pancake pan. (We eat also larger-sized pancakes with lacy edges that are cooked in a regular frying pan.)  These pancakes are usually served with berries or jam, fresh fruit, ice cream, or whipped cream. I have decorated this one with a frozen strawberry. Isn't it cute!

3. In our family, we seem to like the good "old-fashioned" printed magazines. When my brother visits us, he brings some of his magazines (subscribed to or bought) for us to read. The topics are, for example, astronomy (everybody is interested in it) and science, cars, computers, and fishing, and sometimes I'm jokingly asking whether he has forgotten the ladies of the house. Last week he didn't! This one is a special gardening issue of a home magazine, and it's lovely. There are beautiful articles about roses, peonies, and lavenders... ♥

4.  The weather is cold, but there is so much light already!

5. Now I can hear you asking: "What? Another sunset, not again?!" Yes, but not just any sunset. By now the sun sets close to northwest. We always see the sun set behind the lake, in midwinter in the southwest... and we love to observe how the sunset gradually moves towards the north when the spring advances.

Those were my five things... but I must add some more photos, even though of a poor quality. Please, Amy, don't disqualify me!

Yesterday morning we were greeted by this view, it was snowing and sleeting again.

We had a visitor too, a mountain hare, in transition between its two coats. Notice the funny-looking white ears!

As you can see, he/she has a perfect camouflage for our weather conditions. :)

Happy weekend!


  1. Hello Sara! I never get bored of sunset photos or flowers!! What a great shot you got of that mountain hare too, isn't he/she beautiful? Wishing you a lovely weekend xx

  2. Beautiful sunset photo and I was amazed by the snow. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hauskan ja herkullisen näköinen lettu :)
    Minäkin luen Kodin kuvalehteä mielelläni, eilen luin sen kirjastossa.
    Metsäjänis loikkii meidänkin pihan poikki toisinaan, suloinen kuva.
    Hyvää viikonloppua teille!

  4. Good morning, shall I come for breakfast, the lettu looks so very yummy -
    The rabbit has the perfect camouflage for this weather, but what is in summertime?
    eaeutiufl photos, I've enjoued your post.
    And I like reading paper-journals and books too, not e-books...
    Have a nice weekend

  5. Hello, so cute, the rabit! Beautiful impressions.


  6. love white ears! We had snowfall too but it melted fast.

  7. Hi Sara, I've popped over from Amy's Five On Friday. I totally agree with you about "old-fashioned" printed magazines, and sunsets. Beautiful. Have a good weekend. x

  8. Sorry that is was snowing and sleeting for you again, but yay! for the sunset moving towards the north, that is reason to celebrate x

  9. I love the pancake. Mine don't look so pretty. Snowing here too. I had to cover my pansies last night. Happy Friday and cheers to spring must be coming soon....right?

  10. Oh we have had snow and cold for 2 days...sigh! That is an adorable hare with white ears....I enjoy the sunsets especially across the lake now.

  11. We have been having very nice weather here. It is definitely spring time. Love your photos. The hare is really cute. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Five fabulous things, and it is always good to have a little extra, although I don't suppose that you think extra snow is much fun at this time of year. How nice of your brother to share his magazines and to remember a girly one for you too! The pancake looks delicious and a lot of fun with the strawberry! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  13. These are amazing photos you shared with us today. I think my favorite one is the snow! How I long for snow. I love in sunny southern California. And, the bunny rabbit is adorable. My best to you :), Pat

  14. That last photo of the rabbit is fantastic. He really does blend in with his surroundings. You have snow, we have dust. Boo! Best wishes, Tammy

  15. Hi Sara! Your beautiful photos are always such a treat for the eyes! :) I'm so jealous that you have snow. I don't think we'll be getting anymore here now that's is springtime. (Long Island, NY) That bunny rabbit is just the cutest little thing with his big white ears. It really is amazing how well he blends in with his surroundings...and that little pancake is perfectly adorable. I bet it tasted as good as it looks!... I still get a bunch of magazines delivered to the house. I'm pretty old fashioned in certain ways too! :) xo

  16. Thank you for sharing, especially the hare, he looks so odd not knowing whether to wear his winter clothes or his summer ones.

  17. Your lettu has big smiley face, cute. I bet it tasted really good, too. Have a great weekend.

  18. Mmm, the lettu with the strawberry looks good to accompany a cup of tea. Interesting that you got the snow when we did and our friends in New Brunswick are afraid they'll see it on the weekend.
    I've been a magazine reader for years and have quite a collection that I've saved. I find I can read a book fine on my ereader but not magazines with all the photos to drool over.
    Today I purchased some new shade perennials and my husband took me out for lunch so I forgot all about the disappointment of not being able to garden until the snow is gone.
    Have a good weekend Sara.

  19. I've never seen lettu and found that it looks very interesting, like something I would try. Hope your weekend is good, stay out of the snow and stay warm.

  20. I have never seen a sunset so stripey - it is definitely not just another sunset. Gorgeous in every way.

  21. The lettu looks delicious - a sort of crepe, perhaps? Lovely pink flowers. The bright sky is so welcome at this time of year - too bad the snow fell again, but soon it will be gone for the summer. I like reading magazines, too. I have a British Country Living that I'm enjoying in bits and pieces when I can find the time.
    Happy weekend, Sara.

  22. Lovely geranium, they have I got hooked on.
    Beautiful pictures, spring is a wonderful time.
      Good weekend to you.

  23. Pinkkejä pelakuita taitavat olla minunkin ikkunalla kasvavat, tosin eivät vielä kukassa :D
    Hauska lettu, samaista lettupannua minäkin pyörittelin (Joensuun) prismassa, mutta otin sitten valurautaisen :D Söpö jänis, meidän pihalla pyörii rusakoita, ja harmikseni huomasin, että yhtä omenapuuta on järsitty, toivottavasti ei liian paljon, että jaksaa vielä kasvaa :)

  24. Dear Sara!
    Lovely pictures you are giving us blogreaders.
    Happy Sunday!
    Best wishes,

  25. Ihania otoksia. Jänö näytti vähän syylliseltä, ei kaan mutustellut kasveja siellä. Pakko lukea kaupassa tuo kk puutarhalehti. Hienonnäköinen. Meilläkin muuten luetaan astronomiaa ja ihan mitä muuta vaan saa käsiinsä; vaikka paikallisuutisia jostain vieraalta paikkakunnalta..rakastan lehtiä niinkuin sinäkin!

  26. Hello, beautiful images.. Snowing again, I hope it did not stick? I love the cute hare, it is so cute. The pancake or lettu looks yummy.. And your flowers are gorgeous.. Wishing you a happy day and weekend ahead!


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