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Juhannus 2017 - Midsummer

Syreenit alkoivat tänä vuonna kukkia juuri ennen juhannusta.

Hyvää juhannussunnuntaita! (Onpa muuten aika pitkä ja vaikeannäköinen sana, "juhannussunnuntai" - muunkieliset varmaan ihmettelevät. :)) Tänään sataa kevyesti, mutta aattona oli kaunis ilma ja eilenkin sää oli ihan laatuunkäypä. Aattona kokeiltiin taas veljeni kuvauskopteria ja kauniilta näyttivät savolaiset maisemat. :)

Above you can see how it looks in our neck of the woods on a sunny summer afternoon. You can read more about my brother's drone in this post.

The colours of Midsummer are white, blue... and lilac.

Sorbus aucuparia

Ei ollut ilta, yö, ei aamukaan.
Niin oli ihmeen valkeata vaan.

V.A. Koskenniemi

A small motorboat has passed by.

Malus 'Makamik'

Aquilegia x cultorum, jaloakileija

One of the enemies of all columbines. :)

Keveitä kesäpäiviä!

Happy gardening!


  1. The panoramic view of the river is stunning, Sara. I hope that your family issues have all been resolved.

    1. Thank you so much, David!
      I would love to live near a big river... What is seen in the photo is a long and narrow bay (of a lake). It is stunningly beautiful, I must say. :)

  2. Oi noita lilan ja pinkin sävyjä 🌸 💜 💕 Ilmasta käsin kuvaus tuottaa oivaa satoa.
    On se pieni ihme se kuvauskopteri. Taidamme elää tulevaisuudessa 🙂

    Ihanaisia juhannuskuvia, joista välittyy rauhallinen, kaunis tunnelma.
    Maisema kylpee valossa. Runollista.

  3. Beautiful photos, Sara! I have read your earlier post,and hope everything is ok by now!
    Blue and white is very pretty colors, and the lilacs of course :)

    I wish you a wonderful Sunday, nice new week ahead!


  4. Hienot juhannussunnuntaikuvat! (Siinä vasta yhdyssana ihmeteltäväksi ;))

  5. Onpa kauniita ja levollisia juhannuskuvia. Hyvin olet onnistunut kuvauksessa. Hienoa kun olet saanut kokeille kuvauskopteria. Minuakin se kiinnostaisi; olin keväällä kuuntelemassa siitä luennon kameraseuran illassa. - Mukavaa sunnuntai-iltaa!

  6. Glorious photos!!!!!

    Yes, those photo-taking drones. Do you have to be licensed, to use them, in your country? You have to be licensed, in the State of Massachusetts, for commercial use. Our son in law, has done so.

    We used to fly a small, private plane. So we are worried, about so many of these drones. The possibility of them, colliding with a small private plane.....

    Luna Crone

  7. Thank you, Luna! Flying your own private plane must have been lovely! :)

    In Finland, no license is needed for the use of unmanned aircraft and flying models, but the person controlling them must always make sure that the flight does not compromise the safety of others. Also, in some areas, the aviation may be prohibited or restricted. (The requirements for the aircraft used for recreational purposes are lighter than those for remotely piloted aircraft used professionally.)

    Have a happy Sunday!

  8. your blog is picturesque; thank you for posting your part of the world. I'm in Atlantic Canada; my dream has always been to live on a lake. So far, I'm still dreaming!

    1. Thank you, Susan!
      Atlantic Canada sounds very beautiful. :) Do you have a blog? I'd love to visit you back!

  9. What gorgeous photos, Sara! Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Kauniita juhannustunnelmia! Jotenkin tuo järvimaisema vaan kuuluu Suomen kesään ja varsinkin tuollainen tyyni järven pinta on niin kaunis.

  11. Beautiful photos. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  12. Le tue foto sono proprio uno spettacolo!
    buona settimana

  13. Upeat maisemat <3 Ihanan kesäisiä kuvia. Kiva, että tänne voi taas kommentoida. Voimia arkeesi ja aurinkoisia kesäpäiviä!

  14. Kaunista juhannustunnelmaa välittyy näistä hienoista kuvista.

  15. Hello! As I was scrolling down the screen, watching your pictures, a smile was spreading over my face. The summer is so lovely in your country! And what a wonderful place is where you live... The photo your brother made with the drone is amazing! :-)
    I love hydrangeas... there were beautiful large bushes in my grandparents' garden, but they don't like the soil here, in our garden.
    You took marvellous pictures of the ripples on the water surface... Oh, I see I have written too much! :-)
    Have a happy week, dear Sara! Hugs! ♥

  16. Wonderful to be back and have time to enjoy your amazing photography again. So glad your summer is bringing you sunshine and hopefully good health, quickly.

  17. Hello, Sara! I liked the shot taken by drone, and the photos of the lake water waves, they're stunning! Nice flowers!

    Happy June!

  18. Wonderful images Sara. The butterfly is such a gorgeous colour. The way you have captured the ripples on the water is amazing.
    Your Hydrangeas and Lilacs are beautiful. It always amazes me how late your lilacs bloom in comparison to ours.
    Enjoy your Summer with hugs from us :) x

    1. Just been catching up with your previous posts and noticed comments were disabled.
      Hope you are all now well and recuperating.
      Your flower images are stunning, loved them all Sara. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week xx

  19. The drone is allowing you to share some awesome landscape Sara - so tranquil looking. An exhilarating time of year with flowers blooming, amazing colours and fragrance.

  20. Oh Sqra, SUCH beautiful images, as always. That last one is stunning. Lots of purples here too - see an upcoming post...

  21. WOW!Gorgeous photos!Love the purples,love everything!I am so glad for stopping by!

  22. Olá, a bela natureza fascina, desfrutar da mesma é excelente, as suas belas fotos mostram que é bela.
    Continuação de boa semana,

  23. I hope all is well with you, Sara. Your photographs are so beautiful. I think of Finland as cold and icy, but it is beautiful in the summer. I love your photography.

  24. It is so lovely around your neck of the woods. I love the purple flowers. Sometimes I'll see a rabbit that's quickly running through the fields of the trail I go to. It's hard to take a picture of them. That last picture is simply beautiful.


  25. Your landscapes are beautiful, Sara. Ribbons of dark blue water amongst the green are very pretty. The light in some of your flower photos is enchanting. Enjoy your summer garden!

  26. ♥ Thank you! ♥ Kiitos! ♥ Grazie! ♥


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