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Waiting for spring

Recently I have asked myself if blogging about gardening has any sense here where we still don't have any spring flowers blooming... and it's soon May! Of course I'm not going to give up easily, but for today's post I picked some old lupin photos, and added some recent photos of other things.

I adore Lupinus x regalis:

Some "passport photos" of lupins. :)

Participating in

The following photos have been taken in these days. Clouds are fascinating, aren't they?

The ice usually starts melting from the shore towards the center of the lake. This photo shows the border of the ice and a stretch of open water (finally!) near the shore.  Evening clouds are again reflected in still waters...

Ice art... by Nature.

I so wish this couple decided to nest near our home.

Common reed is definitely not one of my favourite plants, and now I found the dry stems between me and the birds. It's the first time I got so close to whooper swans, and I surely didn't want to disturb them by looking for a better spot for taking photos. Hiding behind the plants with my camera, I was feeling like a paparazza... :)

Cygnus cygnus

Have a lovely week!


  1. Sorry that you are worrying about your blogging, I hope that you will soon have lots of flowers out in the garden and about and that they will cheer you. Your lupin pictures are gorgeous though for now!! I hope that you have a good week. xx

  2. Beautiful images.. We are slow to see blooms here too.. I blame it on the cold winter we had.. Your lupines are gorgeous, lovely images.. I love the sky shots and reflections.. And the swans are beautiful! Great post, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  3. No blooms here other than a few tulips...it's time for the trees to put on their show first : )

    Lovely images of blooms and sky and ice : )

  4. Lovely photos of sky,reflections,flowers ........ and beautiful swans.

    Happy Monday!

  5. Gorgeous images of the Lupins - real stunners! I love the swans too,they are beautiful birds.

  6. Great photos. Hope spring comes to your area soon. The swans are so beautiful as are the flowers. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Unfortunately us cold climate bloggers have to relive the photos of past years until there's something decent to photograph. I'm in the same situation Sara and am anxiously awaiting to join a FB friend with her daily post of 'in my garden today'.
    Your photo of the swans turned out very well, the dry stems adding dimension to the scene. Your comment about feeling like a paparazza brought me a big smile because I could imagine you crouched down in hiding to get this great shot.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  8. Hard waiting for spring here too. But according to the calendar we are fairly normal. We had so little sunshine this winter that I think that is a factor in my impatience.

  9. Gorgeous shot of the swans!

  10. Oh this is awful that spring is not there...wishing it comes soon and you see those beautiful lupines.

  11. Such a beautiful array of lupines! Happy Mosaic Monday!

  12. I love your sky and nature photos but the pictures of the lupins are gorgeous, at the moment we can only dream of such beauty and I never had so many different coloured ones.


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