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Farewell, dear C2-05

It starts to be time for me to upgrade to a new mobile phone. I wanted to keep the photos taken with my old, little Nokia phone and transferred them to my computer.  Here are some of my favourites... depicting once more the Stairs of Harju, in Jyväskylä.  Or rather, the lovely nasturtiums planted there to adorn the steps.

This is my favourite colour:

You can find rhododendrons too...

This photo is called "Anarchy in JKL". At Harju, the park benches have been painted in dark brown. One morning in autumn, I noticed that somebody had spray-painted one of the benches and the litter bin next to it... and they looked just cheerful...

Fortunately I took some photos, because after one or two days they had been repainted with the thick brown paint. Was the colour too whimsical for the Maintenance Division? To be fair, I must tell that all the benches were painted, perhaps it was to be done before winter. It was a pity, however; I would have preferred benches like this.

What kind of benches would you like to see in parks?


  1. Beautiful flowers. I love that deep red! I do like to see benches in parks. We have a few comfortable benches along the shore of our little Dallas Pond. It's wonderful to be able to sit there and contemplate a Creator who would give us so much beauty to enjoy.

  2. Oh, I love the coloured bench - I have one in red.


  3. Wonderful post. The flower photos are just beautiful and I like the colorful bench. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Lovely photos, Sara. I love colored benches too.

  5. The coloured benches throughout would be my choice - such fun! It must be men that decide the benches should be brown because I had painted the bench in our backyard blue and thought it looked great. My hubby thought otherwise - too garish he said, stripped the colour and stained the wood. Oh well, I spray paint all my yard art lavender, turquoise or blue and he just ignores them. :-)
    What type of phone will you look for now? Since I purchased an iPhone (S5) last year I have been using the camera on it quite a bit and am pleased with the quality of photos.

  6. Tykkään oikein perinteisistä romanttisista penkeistä. Kauniit kuvat.

  7. Dear Sara,
    What a beautiful Nasturtium, and Rhododendrons.
    I find the colored bench a funny and creative way to bring color into a park. Whether one wants to make the benches subordinate to the colors of plants and flowers.
    Good luck with finding a new phone!
    Love, Gerry,

  8. The flower photos are beautiful. I planted nasturtium last summer for the first time and loved them. I rather like the colourfully painted bench over the plain brown ones but I suppose it's more costly and time consuming to keep them looking nice. Have a good week Sara.

  9. The flowers are wonderful - nasturtiums are one of my favorites. And I love the bench - too bad it got repainted - it was so cheerful.

  10. O valor das coisas não está no tempo que elas duram, mas na intensidade com que acontecem.
    Por isso existem momentos inesquecíveis, coisas inexplicáveis e pessoas incomparáveis.(Fernando Sabino)
    Belas imagens!
    Uma linda e abençoada semana!!!
    Abraços Marie.

  11. I love seeing the colorful benches! The nasturtiums are so bright and cheerful. This reminds me to buy some seeds to plant some! Hope you are enjoying some spring sunshine, Sara! xo Karen

  12. The colorful benches are wonderful! Too bad that they were repainted brown. How wonderful that you saved the pictures from your previous phone! Love the nasturtiums!

  13. Värikkäät krassit harmaata muuria vasten on varsin vaikuttava näky. Väri iloa!
    Rodoissa on hempeä syvällisen kauniit värit en koskaan kyllästy niiden katselemiseen! Ken penkit ja roskapytyn on maalannut, hän on onnellisen iloinen nauttiessaan väreistä!

  14. I love the colorful benches! The bright cheery nasturtiums are lovely too! :)

  15. The flowers are lovely and the bench does look cheery! Great shots! Have a happy day!

  16. Thank you all for your lovely comments!


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