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Welcome, autumn! - Lukijan värssy

No day is as sweet as a sunny and still autumn day. It's not difficult to see why maturity and old age are likened to autumn. It is the gentle time of rest, well earned after a life (a summer) of work (in the garden), the quiet period when one may settle down in the rich maturity of years (gardening chores) and contemplate one's past life and memories (the successes and lessons learned)... :)

Sanomalehdet kannattaa lukea tarkkaan. :) Sattumalta löysin vanhasta maakuntalehtemme numerosta lukijan lähettämän syksyisen runon. Kirjoittaja on E.T. Leppävirralta (lehdessä näkyvät vain nimikirjaimet).

Tervetuloa syksy
viileänraikkaat aamut
kiireiset korjuupäivät
lempeät kuutamoillat
hiljaa lipuvat tuulastulet

Tervetuloa syksy
saappaat ja sateenvarjo
kirpeät karpalot suolla
punaiset puolukkamättäät
sienimetsän hiljainen rauha

Tervetuloa syksy
lehtien värikäs tanssi
sateen iloinen ropina
lämpöinen villahuopa
takkatuli ja runokirja



  1. Runo täynnä tunnetta ❤️ samoin sinun kauniit kuvasi.

    Suloiset sukat. Hienot kuviot.

    Pikkutomaatit ovat maukkaita... mutta älä sitten haukkaa tuosta pilkullisesta sienestä ! 🍄

  2. Great series of images, Sara, showing all the bounty of fall, both wild and domesticated. I have always wished that I had the skill to be confident about eating wild mushrooms. I could go out into the local woodland this morning and gather a feast. Instead I would probably make myself sick!

  3. It's hard to believe that it is now Autumn. This year seems to have flown by. Your peas and tomatoes look delicious. Gorgeous autumnal colours, beautiful pictures and stunning socks!!! Have a wonderful September Sara with hugs from us :)

  4. Voi miten syksy maistuukin hyvältä, kun sen oikeilla merkeillä ja sanoilla tuo esiin! Onpa ihanat pyöreät tarjottimet herkkuja puutarhasta ja tuo kärpässieni - oikea kuvakirjojen täydellinen esimerkki! Antoisia syksyn hetkiä!

  5. Your photos are great. I used to go mushroom hunting with my dad when I was a young girl. It was a lot of fun. Your crops look so good. It is cool here this morning so I know fall is coming. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. I agree with you,Autumn is a great season with beautiful colors...Love your lovely photos.Here Winter is going away but days have been sunny and pleasure.Only in my holidays on July they were rainy and cold days and I hated them!Oh,what a pretty socks!Hugs,dear friend!

  7. Kaunis postaus ja suloiset kuvat😍 Ihanaa viikonjatkoa sinne♥

  8. Osuva runo, pidän kovasti! Kauniit kuvat myös!

  9. Beautiful images, Sara, of autumn beauty. Now is the time to reap and enjoy the efforts put in earlier. You've expressed the connection between life and seasons so very well.

  10. Osaisinpa suhtautua syksyyn yhtä iloisesti kuin runoilija.. Huoks. Ihanat kuvat ja kiva runo.

  11. Beautiful pictures as always Sara! Springtime is here but feels like summer... not a good thing. Have a wonderful day!

  12. What lovely words and thoughts, in this post!!!!

  13. I love your individual photos, but I found your collage of autumn beautiful, but tinged with sadness as winter rather than autumn had seemed to have arrived. I hope you still have some sunny days left before your long winter.

  14. Beautiful photos, Sara! I love your thoughts about autumn. I wish you a bright sunny September! Big hugs!

  15. Dear Sara,
    soooo beautiful photos of the late summer. The collage of autumn is so poetic, too.
    Have a nice weekend! Many Hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  16. You have been busy, Sara! I love all your photos, the socks, the fresh fruits and vegetables!

  17. Like the cep / boletes you've picked! Very posh fungi those ones.

  18. I am patiently awaiting Autumn here, Sara. I can feel it coming. You're right, it's a gentle season, and a special one. Your socks looks warm and cozy and the colors perfect for Fall. Your pictures are always so pleasing to the eye.


  19. ..och det var en väldigt trevlig dikt Sara! Ja, det är något speciellt med hösten, färgerna förstås men också något mera rofyllt - lugnet kommer åter och det är alltid välkommet.

    Trevlig helg Sara!

  20. Autumn has come this year not by a number on the calendar but by cooler weather and leaves starting to change colour early.
    That's fine, I'm ready for it and love all this season has to offer.
    Your images are stunning as usual my friend.

  21. Siinä se runossa on kauniisti kiteytettynä....syksy.

  22. Ciao Sara,
    piacevoli foto di atmosfera, le tue, come sempre.
    Ti auguro un sereno e piacevole autunno!

  23. How true you are dear Sara!!!

    whenever i think upon this topic i find this phase of age like "harvesting season" we cut we have sown in past :)

    Beautiful harvest darling!

    sounds you did quite a hardwork in summer and autumn is here to give you time to enjoy the fruit of this!!!

    My love and best wishes flaying towards you along with warm hugs my friend!
    Stay Blessed always!amen.

  24. Such beautiful photos and dear thoughts, Sara. I am in the autumn of my life and your words are so very true. Sending wishes for a beautiful autumn your way. xo Karen

  25. Hi Sara!Wonderful photos in your new post!Really GREAT!Hugs.

  26. Dear Sara it hurts when you turn off your comment box!
    it seems as you display some OUTSTANDING art work as pleasant SURPRISE before one and same time put hand on her mouth to shut up .

    Your autumn painting colors are fascinating and vibrant ,can't resist to praise my friend as appreciation of something act like burden in my head it feels heavy until i express it front of who deserves it.

    1. Thank you for your comments, dearest Baili! I understand how you feel, but since I have very little time for the Internet now, the other option would be to stop posting altogether. I believe in reciprocity and if someone leaves a comment on my blog, I must pay that person a visit, and as soon as possible. :) There's so much beauty (in nature) I want to share, but so little time! Thank you for your understanding. <3

    2. Love you so much for your such sweetness my precious friend, God bless you and family always,amen.

  27. Beautiful photos, my friend. Autumn is my favourite season. Have a great week!

  28. You have such wonderful thoughts and images expressed! A delight for soul as I always love to say; I enjoyed every aspect captured by your camera lens to make this portrait of autumn and I think that's the essence of this season that soon will really come. As for now, in here, still looks as summer, though there are some cloudy skies; but, still, too warm at this hour... :) :)
    Have a wonderful and colorful autumn, a great week of september, too! Alexa

  29. I like how you presented your still life pictures.

  30. Dear Sara just saw your question on my one of previous post .
    Came to answer this Yes my name is ' Shabana'

  31. I love the autumn Sara and watch as the trees of color change.
    Nice pictures and very warm socks.
    Good friday friend.

  32. Autumn is so beautiful, isn't it? Your pictures evoke such homey comfort. Lovely. Have a great week.

  33. Enchanting photos dear Sara!

    I always be lost in the magical beauty of your glorious capturing!!!

    Last photo of your latest post is BEAUTIFUL AND CAPTIVATING!

    Pure poetry in the form of photography.

    Lots of love and best wishes for you my friend!

  34. Beautiful images of summer ending and autumn knocking on the door....we had fall for a few short weeks and now summer dry heat has returned.

  35. Such beauty...made me smile!But that pizza??!Mouth watering...I want a slice now!Hugs,dear Sara!

  36. Hello Dear Sara, I so enjoyed your recent visits and have been missing your magical inspirational posts. Life can get a little hectic at times and I completely understand that sometimes we all just have to step away from our computers and live life in the real World. Otherwise we just simply would't get anything done! I hope you and your family are keeping well.
    I so enjoyed all of the beautiful autumnal colours from your last 2 posts. I must say that the piza and the fruit pancakes look sooo delicious.
    Have a wonderful September dear Sara. Hugs from us xx


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