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Simply neutrals

I love bright colours. One of the reasons may be the fact that where I live there are only neutral colours for almost half a year:

Fortunately, it doesn't look like this yet...

Now, Wendy at AppleApricot is hosting a new blog event for all the lovers of neutral tones

                                                            Simply Neutrals Tuesday

and it looks too charming to be resisted.

"What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive this week?"

These items have been "found" in the cupboards or cardboard boxes recently, but they have been in the family for some time already. The crochet laces were gifted to my mother when she got married. The ring was a gift from an elderly relative, long passed away. And the small cat statues... they were made by me when I was a child. Yes, they are cats!

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  1. Nice to meet you,Sara:) Thanks for sharing your lovely neutrals and for stopping by.
    XO Marie

  2. Very nice . Love the crochet piece, ring and your cats. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. I love your adorable cats! And the beautiful crochet piece and gorgeous ring. And to be honest, I love winter and snow. Well, not too many months of course :) Beautiful photos. Thank you for joining my party! Hugs, Wen

  4. Your neutrals are so pretty. I like the ring on the crochet - lovely contrasts of texture.

  5. I also love color, especially in summer I have also in the house. But natives are sometimes too fine for the rest.
    You've made beautiful pictures. The ring on the old crochet I find very beautiful!

    With love, Gerry

  6. So nice you showed your lovely treasures in neutral colour. Beautiful photos!

  7. I love all your treasures - especially the ring and cats! <3
    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog! Beautiful neutrals!!!

  8. I love the neutral photos of others but my world is so neutral for much of the year that I sop up as many colored photos as I can! I do love that frosty tree you photographed! I think when the palette is neutral you notice texture more.

  9. Ihanat itsetehdyt pikkukisut!
    Kävin tänä aamuna ostamassa tyttärelleni
    lämpimän, pehmeän ja neutraalin värisen huovan (luonnonvalkoista ja harmaata).
    Mukavaa torstaipäivää :)

  10. Dearest Sara
    Amazing winter landscapes I love so much, because it doesn't snow in Winter in my province.
    Your pearl and silver ring is exquisite and I didn't miss the lovely lace!
    So beautifully photographed as always!
    Shane x

  11. Hello Sara, your ring with the crochet piece is just lovely. Beautiful neutrals and images. Have a happy day!

  12. Sinulla on taito ottaa kuvia ! Nämä ovat taas aivan ihania.

    You have made me fall in love with neutral colours. Usually I prefer bright colourful colours :)

  13. You hit the nail on the head Sara, we too live with neutrals for several months over winter so colourful items cheer us up. That's a pretty ring, does it fit you? The two crafted kitties are adorable, I made quite a few felines when I did ceramics for a hobby.

  14. Ihana sormus ja pikkukisut, oletpa ollut taitava lapsena, ei ihme, että sinulla on taiteellista silmää myös aikuisena. Lumikuvat hieman kauhistuttavat vain :) Onnellisia syyspäiviä sinne

  15. Beautiful!! Especially that ring! xx

  16. i love your neutral photos! What a wonderful idea for a post. I am looking forward to our trip to Italy. We leave in 3 days and I look forward to seeing the beauty of Italy. Now I will be looking up your town to see where it is. I just read your previous post. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sunshine always!

  17. gorgeous ring. so pretty. thank you 4 your bloggy visit. the hubby does a lot of searching online of must see, kind of odd weird sights. we were blessed 2 see the windmill. such amazing architecture!! i can only imagine the time & energy. apparently the man came from over 2 rebuild it here n the US. so cool!! ( ;

  18. Wow, those Winter trees are so beautiful! We don't get any snow here. Lovely match with the pearl ring on the lace.

  19. those cats are incredible! and your photos are so simple and elegant! just beautiful!


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