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Postcards #10: Blooming in July

Hello and welcome to see what was blooming in our garden in Emilia-Romagna at the end of July, during our visit in Italy. You may remember that it was very warm in Central and Southern Europe in those weeks.  Our garden and those of our neighbours were dreaming of some rain.

Oleanders (Nerium), crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia), bignonias, and rose mallows (Hibiscus syriacus) were the superstars of the moment.

(I never knew crape myrtles are called "kutriot" in Finnish. Thank you, Wikipedia!)

It's said that Emilia-Romagna's viticultural heritage dates back as far as the seventh century BC.

With this sunrise view from our bedroom balcony I wish you all a lovely day! 

Thank you, D! :)


  1. Kaunista. Upea maisema ikkunasta.

  2. I enjoyed seeing all the photos of your summer travels, the flowers and scenery are all beautiful. I didn't realize it was so hot in Europe this summer.

  3. Thank you for these wonderful photos. The flowers and the scenery are so beautiful.

  4. Sara, you have your garden in Italy, don't you? You're lucky to spent some times in good climate :))
    Love your flowers especially oleander, years ago I had it as an indoor plant.

  5. Lovely flowers Sara. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. So nice to enjoy these midsummer blooms, as our summer is now winding down and the gardens are looking rather bedraggled... Summer is MUCH too short...

  7. Lovely Italian garden flowers - the view from your window must have been gorgeous!

  8. Ciao! Foto sempre bellissime. Buona serata. Marina

  9. Sara the garden is beautiful...love that last shot!

  10. So beautiful and wonderful to be in such an amazing place! xo

  11. Upeata seutua.

    Muistan mikä elämys oli aikanaan nähdä "oikeita" viinirypäleitä kasvamassa käynnöksessä kun olin nähnyt vain kaupan rypäleitä :)

  12. Hi, Sara! Photos are fantastic as usual. But the last one..... It is something special. Wish I can wake up one morning and have the same view out from my window.
    Thanks you for these lovely pictures.

  13. Lovely place in beautiful Italy!

  14. Such lovely flowers! It is always interesting to hear different names for plants isn't it! xx

  15. What a beautiful treat you've got here. If in the morning this kind of garden and view is what I will see, then my day will just be complete.

  16. What a wonderful view of the sunrise from your bedroom balcony and beautiful flowers.


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