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By Jekyll and about Jekyll

"Miss Gertrude Jekyll digging up early carrots" by Greg Becker

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A pioneer of the informal garden design inspired by nature, Gertrude Jekyll is surely known by all of you living in English-speaking countries.  I wanted, nevertheless, to pay a small tribute to a great gardener that I think would deserve to be more known elsewhere too.

Jekyll (1843–1932) was a garden designer, painter, and writer. Even though an "amateur" (at that time there wasn't professional formation in horticulture available for women), she was one of the major figures in English garden design and shared her large practical experience through her books and articles, written in her pleasant, unpretentious style.  In 1932, The Times wrote:

She was a great gardener, second only, if indeed she was second, to her friend William Robinson. [...] To these two, more than to any others, are due, not only the complete transformation of English horticultural method and design, but also that wide diffusion of knowledge and taste which has made us almost a nation of gardeners.

Jekyll at Munstead Wood in 1918, photographed by Country Life gardens editor Herbert Cowley: 

Manuals and handbooks written by Jekyll are still reprinted and widely read. In 2011 Cambridge University Press published a digital reprint of the original edition of her first book, Wood and Garden of 1899. According to the editor’s introduction, the CUP Cambridge Library Collection reissues out-of-print titles that are still sought after “either for the source material they contain or as landmarks in the history of their academic discipline”.

Jekyll, G. 2011 (1899).  Wood and Garden.  Notes and Thoughts, Practical and Critical, of a Working Amateur.  Cambridge: Cambridge Library Collection:

In her charming book, Elizabeth Barlow Rogers presents some of the greatest amateur landscape gardeners whose work has also a considerable literary quality. Gertrude Jekyll figures in the book among names such as Rousseau, Thoreau, and Thomas Jefferson.

Rogers, E. B. 2012 (2011). Writing the Garden. A Literary Conversation Across Two Centuries.  Jaffrey, NH: David R. Godine Publisher:

Unfortunately, only few of the gardens designed by Jekyll survive in any recognizable form today. Her ideas about garden design, however, live on in numerous books and articles she published.  Judith B. Tankard demonstrates, with fascinating photographs from the archives of Country Life, why Jekyll, her own garden of Munstead Wood in Surrey, and her writings continue to inspire designers and gardeners even today. 

Without doubt, she also was an encouraging example to the women of her time. In her fifties, she started a new career, not common for her gender, and gained nationwide and international recognition for her work.  In 1897, when the Royal Horticultural Society inaugurated the Victoria Medal of Honour in celebration of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, among the sixty awarded there were two women, Gertrude Jekyll and Ellen Willmott.

Tankard, J. B. 2011. Gertrude Jekyll and the Country House Garden.  London: Aurum Press:

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  1. She was amazingly creative and sensitive to colour!

  2. What a lovely post about Gertrude Jekyll!

  3. Great post about Gertrude Jekyll, I am a fan of her and have all her books. I am here for the first time and will be your new follower.

  4. This was a fabulously interesting post! Thank you~for so beautifully presenting such interesting information.

  5. Gertrude Jekyll was ahead of her time with her garden designs wasn't she? A nice tribute and photos to her expertise.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Sara.

  6. This was very interesting ! I had not heard of her before. Learn something new every day! :)

  7. What a lovely post! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  8. I'd like to learn more about Gertrude Jekyll--I'll look fort hat book at my library. Amazing women have brought horticulture forward in so many areas throughout history. We are the better for them!

  9. I must say that the English style of gardens seem to impress me here in New Zealand. I had no idea there was someone behind the idea!

  10. A lovely informational piece about Gertrude Jekyll whose name I've heard many times, although I didn't know much about her beyond her gardening capabilities.

  11. I love Gertrude Jekyll's thoughts on gardening but have never read much about her...wonderful books I will have to check out now. Thanks for these resources to remind us about this amazing woman.

  12. Jekyll, hymyilyttää ensimmäinen ajatukseni Jekyllistä. Hmm.. Englantilaiset puutarhat ovat aivan omaa luokkaansa ja täytyy myöntää, että minulla ei ole harmainta aavaistustakaan tämän "tyylilajin"alkuperästä. Puutarha-alalla olen täysi poropeukalo ja ihmettelen aina jos saan jonkun kukkasen kukoistamaan edes hetkisen. ---Toissapäivänä lunta, eilen vettä nyt jälleen lunta---mitähän tästä tulee.

    1. Kuvistasi päätellen sinulla kyllä on runsaasti puutarhataitoja!
      Nyt pääsenkin jakamaan lisää tietoa Gertrudesta! Hänen veljensä Walter oli Robert Louis Stevensonin ystävä ja niinpä nimi Jekyll on tunnettu kaunokirjallisuudessakin...
      Täällä tihkuttaa tänään: hyvin lempeä ilma.

  13. I am so glad that you wrote about Gertrude. I have a David Austin rose that carries her name, one of my favorite roses..

    1. Yes, 'Gertrude Jekyll' is really beautiful, and it is said to have a lovely scent!

  14. Bellissime immagini, difficile sceglierne una o alcune più significative.
    Molto dolce l'orsacchiotto. Sono certo che D. ha apprezzato.



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