Welcome to Villa Emilia (My Woodland Garden), a photography blog with a slant towards gardening and nature. An amateur gardener and photographer, I hope to share beautiful moments with you through pictures. Let me know if you like them!

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The surrounding woodland

These photos were taken some weeks ago. I so much enjoy the calm and peaceful feeling of the autumn days.

At the moment there isn't yet a real garden around our home; there are woods and woodland, but gradually the area will become - it is hoped - more like a garden, but one that looks less as if it had been planned than as if it might have come naturally. 


  1. The trees are wonderful specimans.
    I love the peek of the lake through the trees too - I open you open up that view!
    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. What lovely scenes you have of your property. It's so pretty and the colors are really looking great for the season. - If you could use larger photos that would be great.

  3. Beautiful scenic shots, the colors are lovely.. Enjoy and have a happy Thursday!


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