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Coffee-table books (Part I) and a brief about-this-blog note

After many grey and drizzly days, we have now been able to enjoy blue skies and sunshine... and a drop in temperature.  Last night the lowest reading was -10.4 degrees Celsius (13.3 degrees Fahrenheit).  Cars are now fitted with studded winter tyres and split firewood has been stacked next to the building. The wisterias and pelargoniums have been carried indoors. I have little expertise in overwintering plants, but at least until this year keeping the pelargoniums in their pots in a light, cool but frost-free room has worked surprisingly well.

The leaves of hardy geraniums have elegant colours:

It is beautiful outside, but for some reason my recent photos don't look especially inspired. Having also caught a cold, I needed to search for beauty somewhere else.

This book about fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. was given to me by my husband last Christmas. Texts are by Francesco Bianchini and Francesco Corbetta and illustrations by Marilena Pistoia.  The cropped photos below fail to do justice to the beautiful illustrations - I offer my apologies to the author also for the bluish tinge of the pages; originally they are white.

We don't actually keep our books on coffee tables, but if we did, this book could be among them.  It's lovely to look through, admiring the details of the illustrations.  The texts provide interesting information for the reader.

Frutti della Terra. Atlante delle piante alimentari

Tavole di Marilena Pistoia

Tavole di Marilena Pistoia

Tavole di Marilena Pistoia

I have now added the "Join this site" button in my blog.

To keep up with my favourite blogs (well, at least some of them - in the bloglists of my favourite blogs I find new interesting blogs every day, and in the bloglists of those blogs...!), I simply add them to my reading list.  However, clicking a button is of course even more simple.

  It has been lovely to see that, thus far, my blog has been visited by people 
from more than twenty countries. I hope you will drop by again!

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  1. WE have not had a hard frost yet so I feel lucky...gorgeous book and I can see why it is a favorite...I hope you feel well soon.


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