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The "national bird" of the country, the whooper swan had become rare in Finland, but recently the population has rebounded. Concerning the English language, I have now learned that a male swan is called cob and a female pen. The Oxford English Dictionary tells these names were already known in the 16th century:  "c1550 Order for Swannes §27, The cignettes shalbe seazed to the King, till due proof be had whos they are, and whos was the swan that is away, be it cobb, or penne..."

This has been my first effort to photograph them. This summer, a couple with five cygnets is often seen near the cottages on the shore.  However, when they noticed me, calmly and in good order, they started to move further:

Laulujoutsenen äänet ovat kiehtovia.  Sen Pohjois-Amerikassa elävän lähisukulaisen nimi on, hauskasti, trumpettijoutsen. Tuleekohan nimi sen äänestä?